A comfortable atmosphere is essential for the success of a leisure facility. It is our mission to perfectly regulate clean air, ambient temperature and the right humidity. We work on perfecting this for your guests and your staff with the highest degree of dedication and innovation.

Our competence swimming pools

The climate of our planet

Under the slogan "HANSA for Future", we act sustainably and responsibly.

Today, careful use of resources is a matter of course. HANSA is one of the companies with a specialist department that has been setting the environmental course for the industry for a long time and is continuing to write the industry’s ecological future.

We strive to operate sustainably and in a climate-neutral manner, which is why we have had the carbon footprint of both our company and our products determined.

We are the first company in our industry to voluntarily offset its operational and product-related emissions and offer climate-neutral manufactured air handling units.

HANSA for future Alliance for Development and Climate

For us, the focus is on people. Our decisions are not driven by turnover, rather, the well-being of each team member is our top priority. After all, we can only achieve top performance if we enjoy our work. HANSA is proud of the entire team and you can look forward to highly motivated employees.