Improve your CO² footprint

etaSmart is the latest innovation from HANSA's etaTecH family. Optimized for pool operations, this add-on saves you operating costs while also protecting the environment. Our artificial intelligence determines the most energy-efficient operating state and regulates predictively

Convincing results

Our innovation etaSmart

As part of a project funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt - DBU), HANSA Klimasysteme GmbH has developed the "etaSmart" AI controller.

Air handling units are essential for the creating a comfortable atmosphere and providing a fresh air supply in modern swimming pools. Of course, fresh air concentration, humidity, sterility and hygiene are essential factors.

In addition to the design of the technical device, the quality of the monitoring and regulation algorithms used plays a special role. Our newly developed AI control etaSmart allows you to optimally control your dehumidification units.


Three levels are integrated in the model. The modeling is carried out using neural networks as well as scientific models, which are taught individually. Optimization algorithms are used to calculate exactly how the respective influencing variables must be set on the devices in order to achieve the target values using the least amount of energy.

Our technology

etaTecH encompasses our strategies and technologies for carrying out improvements to energy efficiency (Greek: η, eta) and thus improvements to the efficiency of air handling units and systems.3


Our references in the swimming pool industry

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