etaSmart is the generic term for the predictive, self-learning monitoring actions that are carried out by swimming pool dehumidifiers developed by HANSA Klimasysteme GmbH.

Predictive " "anticipatory"

Self-learning " the control can adapt the control behavior independently during operation of the device.

Cloud level » In this secure, superordinate level, data is backed up regardless of location. This allows your facility to learn from the experience of other facilities and work even more efficiently. Integrated security management, dashboards and an app store offer you useful additional functions.

etaSmart level » This level is connected to your device. On these industrial PCs, the actual modeling takes place by means of neural networks as well as with scientific models. Retrofitting can also be carried out without creating any problems between old facilities and the corresponding control system.

Unit level » This is where the actual control of the ventilation units takes place. Depending on the model, the components are monitored as energy-efficiently as possible. Our Pool Line range offers you a wide variety of individually adaptable models to meet your requirements.

Influencing variables

  • Outdoor temperature
  • Outdoor humidity
  • Water occupancy
  • Solar radiation
  • Weather forecast

Target values

  • Indoor air temperature
  • Indoor humidity
  • Lowest energy demand
  • Good level of comfort


  • Mixed ratio of air
  • Power WP
  • Volume flow
  • Proportion of air to be recirculated
  • Hot water output

The actual cost varies depending on the requirements in your facility. Costs are generally charged individually depending on the following factors:

  • Modeling device(s)
  • Modeling building
  • Adaptation of the existing model
  • Additional sensors: etaWatch lite
  • Industrial PC
  • Annual software costs Siemens Live-Twin

HANSA etaTecH - Innovations

etaTecH encompasses our strategies and technologies for carrying out improvements to efficiency (Greek: η, eta) and thus the efficiency of air handling units and systems.


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