AI control in HANSA devices

KI control in Hansa devices

Take the next step into an energy-efficient future together with us!

HANSA has developed the "etaSmart" AI controller for swimming pool dehumidifiers as part of a project funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation. This is a model-based, self-learning predictive monitor. Two levels are integrated in the model: one for the air handling units and one for the building and the unit coordinator. Modeling is carried out using both neural networks and scientific models.

In the swimming pool of the municipality of Saterland, a typical municipal pool with a 10 x 25 m main pool, slide and baby pool, we optimized electrical energy potential from 15% to almost 40%, and thermal energy from 21% to almost 50%. With energy prices of 6 ct/kWh for gas and 30 ct/kWh for electricity, this pool is now benefiting from savings of €4,800 per year. We have achieved similar results in other pools and baths.

etaSmart is a new component of HANSA swimming pool dehumidifiers with integrated control, but it can also be retrofitted to newer existing units. In older units, this system can be retrofitted if a DDC suitable for this purpose is also retrofitted.